Alternative Map of Plovdiv – new and old routes


Documentary photo exhibition
18 April – 20 May, 2017

18 April, 6 p.m.
Presentation: Katrin Sarieva

аrtnewscafe, 38 Otets Paisiy St., Plovidiv

Open Arts Foundation presents the new expanded version of Alternative Map of Plovdiv.

The presentation of the project is on 18.04 /Tuesday/ at 18 h in artnewscafe, 38 Otets Paisiy St.,Plovdiv.

It includes a presentation of the Map made by it’s main compiler Katrin Sarieva who will tell more about the motivation for the new and old themes and routes, a presentation of the bilingual website of the project and an opening of a documentary exhibition with photographs from the archives of Open Arts Foundation and images made by  Krasimir Krastev, Sylvia Georgieva Krasimira Petkova, arch. Megan Luenbarg and H.E. Irit Lillian.

The main focus of the presentation are the new routes in the Map: Mahalata – The Hadji Hassan Quarter, The Maritsa River – Modes of Inhabiting /Karshiyaka, Marasha, Stolipinovo/, The Social Life of Panel Buildings /The Trakiya residential area/, The Hills as a Form of Urban Life. There will be also a short talk about the changes and development of already familiar routes from 2013: Communist-era heritage in Plovdiv, Plovdiv’s Tobacco Quarter, Kapana Quarter, Bauhaus, Religions and Otets Paisiy St.

The Alternative Map of Plovdiv is a travel guide to the places of Plovdiv which are different, little-known and aren’t included in official travel guides.  The content of the Map is based on the presentations and discussion known as City Arbour (2012 and 2015), another project of Open Arts Foundation dedicated to the city of Plovdiv – it’s the urban environment and potential. The Alternative Map of Plovdiv and City Arbour are some of the main projects in the Open Arts Foundation’s City and Culture Program and they aim to create a new and broader perspective to the city and activate urban knowledge as a synthesis of social, historical and cultural curiosity. The Alternative Map of Plovdiv aims to foster civic reflection and the recognition of the city as a stimulating living organism and a place of engagement.

Project authors and initiators are Katrin Sarieva (Open Arts Foundation), Arch. Vladislav Kostadinov and Eng. Antonia Valkanova (8 ½ Studio). Consultants on the themes from 2015 are Vladimir Balchev, Nikola Venkov, Arch. Megan Lueneburg.

The Alternative Map of Plovdiv has a printed version from 2013. You can find out updated informaton about the Map and its alternative routes on the project’s website:, where you can download .pdf versions of the routs. More novelties on the project’s Facebook page. Open Arts Foundation organizes special tours based on the different routs.

The documentary exhibition with images from the different new routs will be on vie in artnewscafe from 18 April till 20 May, 2017.

The presentation of the project is on 18.04 /Tuesday/ at 18 h in artnewscafe, 38 Otets Paisiy St., Plovdiv.