Between delay and transition – Contemporary Cultural Practice in Bulgaria A Panel Discussion

January 13th, 2010 gallery FEINKOST (Berlin) hosted a panel discussion „Between delay and transition – Contemporary Cultural Practice in Bulgaria“, a presentation of institutions, models and practices in the contemporary art landscape of Bulgaria. The event is a collaboration between the Art Today Association – Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Sariev gallery – Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Goethe-Institut Sofia; and FEINKOST, Berlin.

Regarding cultural practice in Bulgaria the situation is characterized by its ambivalence between transition and mobility within the borders of member states and stagnation due to a lack of pecuniary instruments on state and corporate levels. It seems a matter of exigency that organizations like Art Today Association and Open Arts Foundation in Plovdiv are highly motivated to reinforce multilateral networks of partner institutions. The aim is towards creating new cultural models, alternative cultural space and infrastructures, and to endorse identification and support of crucial areas of the transition process in order to affect structural changes in the field of arts and culture in the policy domain.

Participants in the discussion:
Yana Kostova – independent curator and critic based in Sofia
Emil Mirazchiev – artist, curator and director of Art Today Association – Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv
Vesselina Sarieva – cultural manager, curator and writer, founder of Sariev gallery Plovdiv, Open Arts Foundation and artnewscafé
Bettina Steinbrügge – independent curator and writer based in Berlin
Aaron Moulton – former editor of Flash Art International. Founded FEINKOST in 2007
Jakob Racek – cultural manager and curator based in Plovdiv and Berlin

The event provides an opportunity for individuals, parties and organizations who are interested in broadening their network and awareness of cultural practices within the region. And, more importantly, it allows a chance to help foster partnerships with those potentially or already involved in supporting and developing international exchange between Germany and Bulgaria.

More about the discussion here!