FLUCA: Austrian Cultural Pavilion

FLUCA: Austrian Cultural Pavilion is an innovative project for a mobile cultural stage with a shipping container transformed into an art installation. It’s a collaborative project of Open Arts Foundation and Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria.

Its original concept comes from FLUC – a well-known space for urbanism, music, contemporary art and performance in Vienna. Find out more here.

FLUCA opened in 2016. Find out more about the event and the program here.

For its first full season, from May to October 2017, FLUCA will open with a weekly program, from Thursday to Sunday, offering various activities and events – exhibitions, screenings, concerts, talks, workshops, performances, live shows – with artistic modules such as:

-          Digital art and new technologies

-          Street art

-          Urban design

-          Music

-          Films

-          Theater and dance

-          Literature

More than 150 events, 40 music nights, 20 movie screenings, artist talks, discussions, workshops all happening on a stage open to new ideas and audiences.

FLUCA program 2017 will be curated by Ursula Maria Probst, Walter Seidl and Boris Kostadinov.

Boris Kostadinov is an independent curator based in Vienna. He received his Masters from the National Art Academy, Sofia in the Department of History and Theory of Art. He has curated recent projects for Radiator Gallery, New York; IG Bildende Kunst Gallery, Vienna; bäckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna; Ernst Hilger Gallery, Vienna; Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna; and LOOP Fair, Barcelona. He served as Director for the International Videoart Festival, Videoarchaeology, in Sofia. Kostadinov has authored many texts in catalogues and specialized publications.

Ursula Maria Probst is a curator, artcritic, artist, arthistorian. Since 2002 director for the art projects at the FLUC. Curator for the main exhibitions of the Vienna Art Week, 2015 – 2008. Since 2014 cooperations with KulturKontakt Austria/BKA for projects in public space. Curated projects in public space in cooperation with Public Art Niederösterreich, KÖR Vienna, EUROPART, several exhibitions projects in cooperation with BKA Austria, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Gallery Krinzinger and other institutions. Since 2014 part of the committee of Public art Niederösterreich.

Walter Seidl is a curator, critic and artist. Since 2005 he has been in charge of the art collection of the Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation, Vienna. Since 2000, he has worked intensively with the Bulgarian art scene, curating the following exhibitions: “Looming Up, Contemporary Art from Bulgaria,” Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (2001); “Kontakt Sofia,” co-curator: Maria Vassileva, City Art Gallery, Sofia, (2011); “Urban Territories,” 0gms Gallery, Sofia (2012), and “Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov: Portraits,” Sofia City Gallery (2013).

Impressions on FLUCA – season 2016

FLUCA is a strange shining box. FLUCA is cargo, i.e. it transports. FLUCA is a container, i.e. it contains. FLUCA is open. FLUCA emits and receives. FLUCA is a stage and a screen. FLUCA is full of the eyes, ears and voices of the viewers. FLUCA is something you would like to have at home, if it wasn’t so big.

Pravdoliub Ivanov

My impressions? They are numerous and all very positive! They are best summarized with a single word: pure-envy-for-the-project-in-Plovdiv! I think this is an extremely efficient, effective, yet unobtrusive form of artistic presence in public space. The FLUCA project is marked by an elegant and beautifully functional design of the “stage”. Its presence in the city is simple yet full of impact while its program is to be envied, what else I can say… It looks fabulous and I would imagine the production cost is not so high.  And the audience – let’s hope it takes full advantage of this offer which makes life fun and meaningful!

Luchezar Boyadjiev

FLUCA is an extraterrestrial messenger perching somewhat to one side in a small Plovdivian street. Its mirror surface is designed to reflect the movements in its environment, drawing them in to its womb for unexpected encounters. FLUCA is neutral and friendly to all the arts – the visual arts, dance, theater, film, architecture and music. A place for spontaneous interdisciplinary conversation. A place that works. The mirror surface both absorbs as well as reflects ideas, meanings and emotions.

Maria Vassileva

FLUCA is a very good project.

Over a short period of time, the pavilion has hosted a number of incredible events and presentations – encounters that are much needed for artists in Bulgaria. The country has few organizations with international know-how and experience and even if all of them were open to regular exchange with one another, interaction with artists from other countries is critically important. We believe that this is FLUCA’s most important function. Its original, effective and functional design is also capable of educating state, local and non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria about the potential of braver projects and artistic solutions. With the example of the Austrian Cultural Pavilion in Plovdiv, the chances of obtaining permission and funding for such projects in the future are much greater.

Destructive Creation

FLUCA – austrian cultural pavilion is produced and supported by Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria and The Austrian Federal Chancellery

Opening 19 May 2017

38, Otets Paisiy Str., Plovdiv 4000

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FLUCA season 2016

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