FLUCA goes Sofia

This summer the shiny, bizarre art container FLUCA will travel from Plovdiv to Sofia. The travel is related to the consecutive presidency of Bulgaria and Austria of the Council of the EU.

The Austrian Cultural Pavilion is an innovative and long-term project in the field of contemporary art – initiated by the Open Arts Foundation and the Austrian Embassy in Sofia and supported by the Plovdiv 2019 Municipality Foundation, the Austrian Federal Chancellery in partnership with Sofia Municipality and Plovdiv Municipality.

For the first time, the audience in Sofia will have the opportunity to observe an alive and continually changing (as a content and location) platform presenting some of the most experimental and dynamic projects of contemporary visual arts, music, performance, architecture, literature and dance – the work of Bulgarian and international artists. The program is extremely intense, showing works by artists from Bulgaria, Austria, Israel, the Western Balkans, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

The FLUCA stage opens to invite the audience not only to observe but also actively participate in the creation of remarkable artistic production.

FLUCA proves that modern art is dynamics, co-experience, freedom to overcome and destroy the clichés. The progressive audience of Sofia will meet remarkable artists from all over Europe.

The opening of the season is the exhibition “Olympia” by Aldo Gianotti, organized by the Foundation for contemporary art and media. The exhibition was originally created for Kunsthaus Graz. Now it is pre-modulated for the spaces of the Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art and FLUCA. Aldo turns the museum into a fitness center, with the seemingly sporting theme of his works looking for suggestions provoked by contemporary social or political realities.

On 17 and 18 May, a Conference on cultural policies and the scene of the Western Balkans will take place at Goethe Institute. In June FLUCA will be placed in the Crystal Garden. There, the special presentation of Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture will take place. Next is the video program of the New York curator Naomi Lev, the performances of Kamen Stoyanov and Ivo Dimchev. In July, the container will appear at Sveta Nedelya square to present new ideas about Sofia’s urban environment. The program will end in early August in front of the National Theater “Ivan Vazov”. By the end of the summer FLUCA will be the main stage for contemporary art in Sofia, which will offer progressive forms of expression, forms of debates, concerts and many parties.

Partners of FLUCA for the program in Sofia are Plovdiv 2019 Municipality Foundation, Sofia Municipality and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.


FLUCA in May:

3-31 May – Olympia – an exhibition by Aldo Giannotti

12 May – Yogaholic – a performance by Voin de Voin – 7pm – 10pm

17-18 May – Western Balkans Conference, Goethe Institut. Participants: Lana Cmajcanin, Elena Petrovic, Jovanka Popova, Olson Lamaj, Isabella Anna-Maria Ritter, Katharina Schendl. Moderator: Luchezar Boyadjiev

19 May – Night of Museums, Sofia. HippieLandia Party – 6pm – 11pm

20 May – Quantum Consciousness – Yoga in the museum – part of the exhibition Olympia

24 May – DOMA Music Party - 6pm – 11pm


FLUCA in June:

2-10 June – Escape Room – Time Square NYC video program – curated by Naomi Lev

4, 5 and 6 June – The Complex Pussy Catalogue – a performance by Ivo Dimchev

8 June – a concert by Niya Petrova in support of the National Citizens’ Initiative 7000

10 June – Neva Balnikova – design

13 and 14 June – Performance Pizza Painting – a performance by Kamen Stoyanov

15 June – HippieLandia Festival Launch Party

16 June – 10 years Elizabeth Kostova Foundation

18-19 June – presentation of Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture

21 June – The Fountain - The Wa and Ola Bandola - film screening and discussion

30 June – 15 Minutes of Fame, a project by SARIEV Contemporary and Open Arts Foundation

more about the program in June here


FLUCA in July:

5 July – Container Party – the music of Niki Phoenix and Emil Doesn‘t Drive

11 and 12 July – Leave Your Mark – presentation of Vision for Sofia

13 July – Iv Toshain – video screening

14 July – performance by Michail Michailov

15 July – meeting with the Chief Architect of Sofia Municipality – Zdravko Zdravkov

16 July – presentation of the Green Line Sofia project

20 July – party with Ropotamo CO and Parsi

27 July – concert of Turumtay Zaric (experimental jazz from Vienna)

28, 29 and 30 July – video installation of Sibin Vasilev and Yoann Trellu

31 July – performance by Luiza Margan

more about the program in July here

FLUCА locations and dates:

3 May – 31 May: Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art

2 June – 30 June: Crystal Garden

1 July – 20 July: Sveta Nedelya square

21 July – 5 August: the square in front of the National Theater “Ivan Vazov”


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