Open Arts Foundation on the first 2017 work meeting of the IN SITU network

Since the autumn of 2016 Open Arts Foundation is an official member of the international network for art in public spaces IN SITU (est. 2003). The network’s expertise and activities covers scouting and promotion of artists, organisation of project laboratories and incubators, co-productions and promotion of emerging creations, organisation of conferences and seminars, etc. To date, IN SITU has supported over 180 European artists. It gathers 25 partners from 17 countries, Open Arts Foundation is the first member of the network from Bulgaria.

In late January this year (23 – 25.01) in Paris, was held the first 2017 meeting of the members of the network. Vassilena Pancharova, Project Coordinator at Open Arts Foundation since 2014, participated in the meeting on behalf of the Foundation. Focus of the two days working sessions were the different ways of communication of cultural events and the ways of promoting cultural content and activities of the IN SUTU network.

More on IN SITU see here:
More on IN SITU see HERE.