PROJECT 0 / Exhibition

Following the presentations at the /+/ Sklada, Sofia, in the Night of Museums and Galleries, 2010, and at artnewscafe Plovdiv, Kiril Kuzmanov’s PROJECT 0 continues with an exhibition at „Suspacious”. It will feature objects and studies revealing the artistic idea and the development of the project, along with videos, audio recordings, texts and publications that present the participants, and the information publicized on the project until now.
Project 0 begins with the idea of what possibility there is to create an artwork that could be integrated into specific urban and public environment; be independent of both the subsidies and policies of public institutions and the private interests of different companies and organizations; be related with the viewers and their understanding and willingness to participate; and be an expression of an artist’s idea which does not impose contents, but generates it by acting as a filter in a defined space.
The specific urban environment in which Project 0 is implemented is the Kapana Quarter in Plovdiv. The artist Kiril Kuzmanov plans to build a large double mirrored wall that will cross perpendicularly one of the streets in the quarter.
The wall is composed of 50 fragments, each having certain measurements and precisely calculated costs of materials and labour necessary for it to be made. In collaboration with the Open Arts Foundation, the individual fragments may be ordered in advance through a donation by anyone who wishes to participate in the project. The completion of the artwork depends on whether all fragments will have been ordered by October 2011.
The idea of the project envisages building of a public platform in order to establish a creative environment for its implementation. As part of this platform each presentation and participation are thought of as a document for the process. The documents collected to date will be exhibited with an emphasis on individual participants who already possess a fragment of the mirror. Among them are artists, institutions, gallerists, architects, people living in the country, and others coming from abroad. The meaning they impart to the project, and what motivates them to participate, will be presented to be seen on video, audio recordings and texts.

The exhibition will close with a panel discussion on the project that will refer also to the broader subject of art in the urban environment.

Kiril Kuzmanov
Curator: Vladiya Mihaylova

11.06. – 17.06.2011 г. / Opening: 10.06., Friday, 7 pm
17.06., Friday, 6 pm – Panel discussion about the project with Dimitar Bozhkov (philosopher), Lea Vajsova (sociologist) and Irina Nedeva (journalist)

13, “6th September” Str., Sofia
Working time: every day from 11 am to 8 pm

Project 0

Publication about Project 01

Interview with Kiril Kuzmanov and Vladiya Mihaylova

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