Open Arts Foundation is pleased to inform you about the approved projects from OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS – THE CITY AND PUBLIC SPACES PROGRAM – Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv.
The Foundation received 48 projects. This year, there is a interest from different countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Italy etc.

Selected projects:

Alessandra Arnò (Milano) – „VISUALCONTAINER“, video-selection, italian artists, projection

Tisha Mukarji (Berlin) – “Metronome Series #2: A Temporal Poem is a performance”

Darija Medic (Belgrad) – “The South Collection”, project

Renata Kaminska (Berlin) – “180”, “EURO”, video instalation

Association “Plus” (Sofia) – “The opening of the museum of the contemporary street”, project

Group “Don’t think” (Plovdiv) – “Posterior Position“, project

Milen Gelishev and Simeon Todorov (Plovdiv) – “PLOVEDIV”, installation, action

Aleksandar Panayotov, Dimityr Shopov (Plovdiv) – “Our works”, documentary films, projection

Studio 8 ½ (Plovdiv) – “New book store at Otets Paisiy”, open space library

Velizar Dimchev, Kaloyan Dimitrov (Plovdiv) – “Homo faber – Franky”, interactive video installation

Stuart McCulloch (Plovidiv) – “The Plovdiv Spaceman”, installation

Nima Gousheh (Plovdiv) – “TREATISE” by Cornelius Cardew, performance

Open Arts Foundation want to thanks to all the participants who was interested about the Open Call for projects. We want to thanks to all about the interesting and depth work!