April 10, 2 pm
the event can be viewed on Facebook and the YouTube channels of Open Arts Foundation

participants: Nikolay Nedelchev, Irena Gergova

concept and host: Vesselina Sarieva (Open Arts Foundation, Sariev Gallery)

organized by: Open Arts Foundation, within its programme Introduction to Contemporary Art

Open Arts Foundation is pleased to present the second event from the spring programme of Collectors’ Forum 2021, which will take place on April 10, 2021.

The event will be held as a panel discussion with Bulgarian contemporary art collectors, some of whom will be introduced publicly for the first time. The conversation will start with an overview of their collections and will go through a presentation of their very different approaches to collecting art, it will reveal situations they encounter and talk about how the pandemic affects their routines and plans. The new trends in collecting art will be discussed as well. In conclusion of the event, the collectors will offer their recommendations to gallerists, artists and art specialists. The discussion will be held in Bulgarian.

In 2021, in the post-pandemic situation of an art system in crisis, Collectors’ Forum is taking action to expand its traditional format on a thematic, structural and temporal level, followed by the intention to provide participants on the Bulgarian art scene with support for adaptation. As it upholds the core idea that the knowing and acceptance of the other person in the micro-community, the unification and sharing of problems and solutions is a way out of the present and into the future, Collectors’ Forum intends to create a common environment of sharing and visibility that will offer a wider view, possible coping guidelines and premises for future cooperation. In addition to this new line focused on the micro-community, Collectors’ Forum continues to implement its traditional programme by conducting international exchange and introducing international collecting practices.


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Due to the anti-pandemic measures, the spring programme of Collectors’ Forum will be implemented online.

More info about the participants:

Nikolay Nedelchev is the founder and CEO of the marketing communication group Publicis Groupe in Bulgaria. Apart from being a businessman, Nikolay is an arts patron and collector, book, sports and travels lover.

Nikolay has been collecting works by contemporary Bulgarian artists since 2010. He is the son of sculptor Trifon Nedelchev and he grew up in the timelessness of art, surrounded by art works created by Georgi Bozhilov – the Elephant, Yoan Leviev and other famous Bulgarian painters.

His collection is organized around two lines: artists from the early 20th century, and contemporary artists. The latter one features the names of Sasho Stoitsov, Dimitar Genchev, Lyuben Petrov, Ventsislav Zankov, Nina Kovacheva, Alla Georgieva, Stanimir Genov, Rudi Ninov, Adelina Popnedeleva, Anton Terziev, Krasimir Krastev – Rassim, Stefan Ivanov, Radoil Serafimov, Bogdan Aleksandrov, Miryana Todorova, Kalia Kalucheva, Valentina Shara, Yonko Vasilev, Dimitar Shopov, Zara Aleksandrova, Valio Chenkov, and more.

Exhibitions with contemporary artworks from his collection have been on display at the National Art Gallery, Sofia and at Sklad within the programme of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019, Plovdiv.

Irena Gergova is the director of the contemporary art line at MFG Foundation. Irena is the mother of three children, and is keen on healthy life and healthy mindset, gourmet travels and seaside vacations.

The MFG Foundation has been established to support the creative potential, innovation and solidarity of Bulgarian society. It is permanently active in developing various projects and engaging in significant initiatives and causes. Contemporary art is a special focus in its scope of activity. In this respect, the foundation has been working for three years now on the establishment of an international art collection. Although it maintains a portfolio of a wide range of artists, its focus is on the young working in the area of contemporary art, the artists from Bulgaria and the Balkans.

As with any collection, the MFG one reflects the preferences of its creators. The travels and encounters with art during these trips provided the first impulse for the two families, founders of the foundation, that awakened their interest in contemporary art.

Works by artists Stefan Nikolaev, Monika Popova, Sasho Stoitsov, Mitch Brezounek, Lyubo Krastev, Martin Gunchev, Stilyana Uzunova can be seen in the collection.

The collection of the MFG Foundation continues to grow and search for its identity, being inspired by the work of talented contemporary artists from around the globe.


Partner: National Culture Fund

In 2021, the project is being implemented with the financial assistance of the Support Programme for Professional Art Organizations of National Culture Fund.

Watch the video of the discussion here