Official Statement of Open Arts Foundation regarding the cultural festival NIGHT/Plovdiv 2018

Dear friends of NIGHT / Plovdiv,

In February 2018, Open Arts Foundation, as the organizer of NIGHT / Plovdiv, was faced with an ordeal, which was a real challenge for our team at the time of active preparation of the event for the current year. We made a decision in order to preserve the character of the event and to move on with its organization.
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In reaction to this, we received real support from the general public, media, participants in the event, representatives of the artistic scene, fans of the event from Plovdiv, the country, abroad, our sponsors and partner organizations, which we thank.

To our regret, the challenges did not stop and the preparation of this year's NIGHT / Plovdiv was violated again in March 2018 with a new wave of provocations. They already raised the more serious question about the future of NIGHT / Plovdiv and its organization as a whole.
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In response to this, "Culture and Tourism" Department of the Plovdiv Municipality and the Municipality Foundation "Plovdiv 2019", who were also indirectly involved in the case, sent to Open Arts Foundation statements at the end of March, in which encouraged and stimulated the work of the Foundation and its project NIGHT / Plovdiv.
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From today's perspective, Open Arts Foundation, as the organizer of the event, have lost two very important months for the organization of NIGHT / Plovdiv due to the circumstances and has already entered an active organizational phase of new and other key projects.

In connection with this delay and the climate around the preparation of this year's NIGHT / Plovdiv, Open Arts Foundation announces a zero year for the event in 2018. We hope for good work conditions and an opportunity for our team to focus their efforts on the preparation of NIGHT / Plovdiv during the important for our country year 2019, when Plovdiv is the European Capital of Culture. The scheduled dates for NIGHT / Plovdiv 2019 are 13, 14, 15 September.

Veselina Sarieva, Director of the Open Arts Foundation
10 April 2018