FLUCA 2018, director Boris Kostadionov

In May 2018 FLUCA: Austrian Cultural Pavilion will open its third consecutive season with a varied artistic program of Bulgarian and foreign artists.

Since the first months of 2018, the work on the project has already started supervised by the new team member Boris Kostadinov. Boris will be in charge of the cultural program and the managing of the platform as a director of the project.

Boris is an independent curator and art historian based in Vienna and Berlin. His projects are related to contemporary art, photography, performance, author's films and video, architecture and interdisciplinary forms. Curator is on projects for IG Bildende Kunst Gallery, Vienna; bäckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna; Ernst Hilger Gallery, Vienna; Forum Stadtpark, Graz; Projektraum LS43, Berlin; Fata Morgana Gallery, Berlin; Leo Kuelbs Collection, New York; Radiator Gallery, New York; LOOP, Barcelona; National Gallery, Sofia; Sofia Art Gallery and many others. Check out more about Boris here: http://curatorsintl.org/collaborators/boris-kostadinov
Kostadinov is well acquainted with FLUCA as he participates in 2017 in conceiving the concept for the development of the project for 2018 and 2019 in the context of the platform's partnership with "Plovdiv 2019". Boris stepped on FLUCA's stage also as a curator of the May 2017's exhibition by the Bulgarian artist Plamen Deyanof (see more here).

From his position as a director of FLUCA, Boris will be responsible for the artistic program of the pavilion and for the overall management of the project, along with the teams of the Open Arts Foundation, the Austrian Embassy in Sofia and the "Plovdiv 2019" Foundation.
An exiting spring-summer season is set for FLUCA. What's new, what the program will be and which are FLUCA's new locations... stay tuned.

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FLUCA:Austrian Cultural Pavilion is organized by the Open Arts Foundation and the Austrian Embassy in Sofia, in partnership with "Plovdiv 2019".