The longest NIGHT of Plovdiv returns this September for its fourteenth edition in the year of “Plovdiv-European Capital of Culture 2019’,  once again in three evenings – on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of September.

This year, the program consists of selection from over 110 project proposals from all fields of art – contemporary and traditional visual art, theater, cinema, contemporary dance, performance, etc., that will be included in NIGHT/Plovdiv. The program in 2019 will be traditionally divided in thematic sub-programs. In ‚Museums, Galleries, Studios‘ the Plovdivian museums and galleries will present exhibitions and artists in special projects for NIGHT/Plovdiv, as well as part of their yearly program. For its ‘white night’ the lively city will open many community centers, libraries, religious buildings and cinemas in the sub-program ‚City and Culture‘. ‚Public Spaces‘ will present artistic projects in the shared open-air spaces of the city. In ‚Club and Music‘ culture will be experienced in the informal but nevertheless exciting setting of the alternative club spaces of the city. In the ‚Little Night‘ the organizers traditionally include events for the youngest audience.

In NIGHT/Plovdiv 2019, the ‚Open Arts‘ program will expand under the slogan COMMON GROUND. The organizers, in partnership with some of the most active international cultural institutes and embassies, will present a special selection of artistic projects from Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, USA, Sweden, Japan, Austria, Israel, Korea, Hungary and Bulgaria. For the first year the module Creative Media Lab, focused on digital arts, will take place in the Plovdiv Drama Theatre.

The highlights among the many various events in NIGHT 2019 are specially created for the festival and shape its curatorial program, compiled by Vladiya Mihaylova, curator and cultural theorist, part of the team of Sofia City Art Gallery. Part of them will be introduced through the ‘back entrance’ of the Old City, revealing a less popular part of it located around the Eastern gate, as well as the exhibition COMMON GROUND in Danchova house, others will meet the visitors eager for contemporary art with the work of promising artists form Austria and Bulgaria, presented by the curators of EVN Collection at the central city area. Once more the doors of the former Detmag Snezhanka, renovated into a space for cultural events, will open to show the exhibition ‚Open Art Files: Notes and Footnotes‘, dedicated to the history of Bulgarian contemporary art, curated by Vera Mlechevska.

Open Arts foundation’s longest standing project – the NIGHT/plovdiv festival, started in 2005 as one of the events that are changing the city. The festival developed through the years with the support of Plovdiv Municipality since 2008 and of America for Bulgaria foundation since 2009, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere for more than 40 000 visitors each year.


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