Sarieva – Residency: Selection

Open Arts Foundation and Sarieva Gallery, Plovdiv, are pleased to announce the selection for the residency programs.

Sarieva - Residency: 'Communication and Art' - residency for graphic designers: Elena Chergilarova.

Elena Chergilarova is a graphic designer from Sofia. She studied BA Communication Design at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and is currently working as a freelancer at the art department of the production service company Solent Film. In 2020 she did an internship at Epic Sofia. She experiments with analogue photography and has participated in various artistic projects, including the fourth edition of Sofia Art Week.

Cr: Elena Chergilarova

Sarieva – Residency: ‘Artist’s Studio at Sarieva Gallery’ – residency for artists: Tsvetomira Borisova

Tsvetomira Borisova was born in Sofia, 1991. She works in the capital, mainly in the field of visual arts. Tsvetomira graduated in Ceramics from NBU and in her art she often experiments with different applied techniques and medias. So far, she has mainly participated in exhibitions in independent or non-gallery spaces, including the exhibitions Market of Desire and Sofia Art Week 2020 and 2021.

Cr: Tsvetomira Borisova

The residency aims to offer practical support in the development of the two young artists. The programme combines artistic and educational activities in an innovative way. Elena Chergilarova and Tsvetomira Borisova will have the opportunity to work in an exciting experimental environment, while being supported by a mentor in the overall process of creating, documenting and presenting their projects to the public and collectors.
Sarieva – Residency will take place partly in Plovdiv – in the area of Open Arts Foundation, Sarieva Gallery, artnewscafe – and partly online.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! We received many wonderful entries, which made the decision hard to make. 

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The project is realized with the financial support of National Culture Fund, Bulgaria