Educational Program

The Open Arts Foundation’s EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM has a focus on contemporary art.


Program City and Culture

CITY AND CULTURE is a program of the Open Arts Foundation that examines and works with our surrounding urban environment – its history, architecture, specificity, problems and potential to be part of cultural development and awareness.


Program Museums and Galleries

The program NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES (since 2005) is a program created to support and develop the cultural map of Plovdiv, the cultural institutions of the city and the access to culture.


Open Arts Foundation

The Open Arts Foundation works actively for the creation and sustainable development of models and practices to support Bulgarian contemporary culture. Open Arts Foundation’s projects and activities have a wide network of partnering organizations, widespread public recognition, numerous awards and many followers and are considered as one of the main factors for the development and activation of the contemporary cultural life in Plovdiv and Bulgaria.

Educational Program

Young Artist Residency 2022

Young Artist Residency discovers, assists and supports young artists, giving them the chance to work in a new and experimental environment.

Collectors' Forum 2022

In 2022, Collectors' Forum presents the Brussels-based collector Frederic de Goldschmidt, a specialist in business and communications anthropology and a producer of interactive media, television programs and films, who will share about his experiences with collecting.


FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE is a curated multi-genre situation in the sphere of visual arts.

Collectors' Forum 2021: Carlos Marsano, Autumn session

Through Future Unforgettable Phase VI, a lecture and conversation with Peruvian collector Carlos Marsano, will open up a different perspective on collecting as a bridging of logics and an extension of the work's journey.


Dzhadzha is a collaboration between Open Arts Foundation, gallery Gallery, and Sariev gallery, in which we explore how contemporary electronic and digital art is created, sold, collected and preserved.

City and Culture

Sarieva Open Arts 2022 - Christo for Beginners

Sarieva / Gallery and the Open Arts Foundation present the initiative for art in the urban environment - Sarieva Open Arts. Our project for 2022 is titled “Christo for Beginners” by the artist Luchezar Boyadjiev.

FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion Season 2020

Fluca – Austrian Cultural Pavilion is an open stage for art and culture located in the middle of an artistic microclimate set up at the end of Otets Paisiy St in Plovdiv, as part of the white cube of the Sariev Gallery, the artnewscafé meeting point, and the office of the Open Arts Foundation.

FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion Season 2019

Season 2019 is a culmination for the project with a rich program of art events, performances, presentations and parties for the audience and is a highlight in the program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019.

FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion Season 2018

In season 2018 FLUCA presented a rich and varied program of artistic projects from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, USA. The FLUCA season was opened in Sofia where it stayed for 4 months, in connection with the consecutive presidency of Bulgaria and Austria of the Council of the EU. 

Museums and Galleries

Curatorial Program 2019

The curatorial program’s main goal is to present different perspectives on contemporary art and to provide a free space for experiments and new ideas in the specific context of the Night of Museums and Galleries - Plovdiv – time limitations to one or two evenings, its many thousands audience and dynamic atmosphere.

Night of Museums and Galleries 2019

The fourteenth edition of the longest NIGHT of Plovdiv in 2019 is held in three evenings - 13th, 14th and 15th September and is the main focus of the program of "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019".

Book „10 years Open Arts: HERE EVERYWHERE“

The book “10 years Open Arts: HERE EVERYWHERE” is an anniversary edition for the jubilee of Open Arts Foundation and the exhibition “HERE EVERYWHERE” curated by Vladiya Mihaylova, which was realized in its context. 

Curatorial Program 2017

The curatorial program’s main goal is to present different perspectives on contemporary art and to provide a free space for experiments and new ideas in the specific context of the Night of Museums and Galleries - Plovdiv – time limitations to one or two evenings, its many thousands audience and dynamic atmosphere.

International exchange


Open Arts Foundation partnered with LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina, in the realization of the exhibition SIT, curated by Vesselina Sarieva.

Brittle Power

Open Arts Foundation is a partner in the Brittle Power project, which opens season 2021 of Kunsthal 44Møen, a space for international exhibitions in Denmark.

Working Visits for International Curators and Art Critics

Working visits for International Curators and Art Critics is a project by SARIEV Contemporary for curators and art critics to visit Sofia and Plovdiv. During their stay we organize them a program aimed at the popularization of Bulgarian contemporary art.

Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art

In September 2020 Sariev and Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv with Office for Art, Berlin, are launching an initiative to found a Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art.

Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary 2015

Focus: Bulgaria was the first large-scale overview of Bulgarian contemporary art at an international art fair, which took place during the prestigious event at viennacontemporary in the Austrian capital from 24th to 27th September 2015.

Other Projects


The presentation and the discussion with Anthony Bannwart in /+/ Sklada and artnewscafe aim to provide information and trigger the production of new videos, at attracting new participants: active or potential video artists to submit videos for “Tempography”.

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FLUCA with a new seaside home

From 2023 the FLUCA is fully managed by the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria and it will continue its life in Burgas.

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Open Art Files joins ISSN

Open Art Files is now a part of the international standard numbering system, better known as ISSN.

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Public Space Revisited

The "Christo for Beginners" project began in August 2022 with the solo exhibition of the same name by Luchezar Boyadjiev at Sarieva Gallery, Plovdiv. Four side events and three months later, it's time for a recap. Luchezar Boyadjiev, Silvia Petrova and Vesselina Sarieva invite the audience to a conversation that will examine the results and recapitulate the past exhibitions, tour and public project which enriched the art scene from August to November of 2022.

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