Programs and Projects

The foundation develops its projects in three main programs: Night of Museums and Galleries, City and Culture and Educational program (Introduction to Contemporary Art), up until 2020, with each program having its own short-term or long-term sub-projects. After 2020, due to the global pandemic and the recovery from it, the Night of Museums and Galleries programme is temporarily on hold. The organization works with leading experts for the development of its projects.

Educational Program

The educational program of the Open Arts Foundation, focusing on contemporary art, covers various formats and started in 2008 with the aim of increasing the audience interested in contemporary art in Bulgaria and creating a new one by giving more in-depth knowledge and interest to authors and specifics on the local stage, to present international good examples, trends and practices and to create an environment for developing the context of contemporary art and collecting in the country.

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City and Culture

City and Culture is a programme of Open Arts Foundation that studies and works with our surrounding urban environment - its history, architecture, specificity, problems and potential to be part of the cultural development and awareness. 

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Museums and Galleries

The program NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES (since 2005) is a program created to support and develop the cultural map of Plovdiv, the cultural institutions of the city and the access to culture. The program also covers the practical organization, programming, coordination, advertising, special art projects for the annual Night of Museums and Galleries festival. Realized editions: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The first Bulgarian event of its kind, the Night of Museums and Galleries festival was first organized in 2005 by the founders of the Sariev Gallery Vesselina and Katrin Sarievi. In 2007, the Sarievs founded the Open Arts Foundation which went on to organize the festival’s subsequent editions.

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International exchange

The International Exchange Programme aims to present Bulgarian contemporary art internationally and to give it opportunities for realization. Similar previous projects are "Focus: Bulgaria", Vienna and the exhibition and educational programme "Brittle Power", at Kunsthal 44Møen, Denmark.

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