We're pleased to present the new hybrid environment Sarieva/Hub, combining the activities of Sarieva Gallery, artnewscafe, Open Arts Foundation and Кабинѐт Art Advisory

Sarieva / Hub is the first hybrid environment of its kind in Bulgaria, created to improve the culture of living and perception. The Hub stands out with its multi-genre and multifunctional character, combining the activities of certain well-known organizations and spaces with their own programs and focal points. It is above all a common shortcut to the world of art, culture, city life, design, architecture and the creative living environment in general. The art stage has never been more open and inclusive. Sarieva / Hub effects a multilateral connection and breaks boundaries between art, the public sphere, current and future professionals, collectors, fans and the wide audience in an up-to-date, friendly and expertise-based fashion. The platform is not simply a medium, but also a tendency and a way of life which inspires a modern-day lifestyle directly related to the art domain. 

Sarieva continues its familial legacy, historically rooted in the cultural sphere and based on an actual professional expertise where the experiment and the zest for learning and discovery are the main driving forces. 

Each month, the Newsletter of Sarieva / Hub collects an up-to-date news feed and announces information about the most interesting upcoming events related to all Sarieva organizations and its partners. You will be provided with an easy access to news about the gallery’s activities and the current international shows of its represented authors.  The news data is complemented by intriguing interviews, stories by authors and creative individuals, tips about editions and events, updates on what is most interesting around the artnewscafe, as well as information about Open Art Foundation projects. Through a guaranteed and easy access, our newsletter offers monthly highlights of the most interesting events on the Bulgarian art stage and a program of selected international events worldwide. Subscribe for it at the offical Sarieva/Hub website!


The design and visuals for Sarieva/Hub were made by Georgi Lazarov (Studio Punkt), along with artistic intervention by the young artist Yana Abrasheva.