Young Artists Residency is a new programme of Open Arts Foundation in collaboration with Sarieva / Gallery, Plovdiv, providing practical support for the development of young artists. The programme combines artistic, research and educational activities in an innovative way. The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. Young Artists Residency is realized partially in Plovdiv, in the area of Open Arts Foundation, Sarieva / Gallery, artnewscafe, and partially online.

Sarieva – Residency: ‘Artist’s Studio at Sarieva Gallery’ – residency for artists
Tsvetomira Borisova

Tsvetomira Borisova was born in Sofia, 1991. She works in the capital, mainly in the field of visual arts. Tsvetomira graduated in Ceramics from NBU and in her art she often experiments with different applied techniques and medias. So far, she has mainly participated in exhibitions in independent or non-gallery spaces, including the exhibitions Market of Desire and Sofia Art Week 2020 and 2021. Tsvetomira Borisova realized her first solo exhibition Cool S during the residency.

The residency began on March 22 and ended on April 29 with the opening of the exhibition. For a month, the artist had turned the space of Sarieva Gallery into her studio, promptly visited by guests and professionals who exchanged experiences and ideas with her during her creative activity.

Tsvetomira Borisova grew up during the Transition period when Western mass culture made its way into Bulgaria. A period during which both she and society as a whole witnessed two types of language and logic mingling and gaining common space.In this perspective, the emergence of the Cool S as subject and title of her first solo show serves not only as a reflection of a youth mass culture’s craze from the 1990s, but also of the way it was perceived non-unconditionally as it individualized itself at the time, as well as the way it is presently revived in a new context of change.


The aim of Young Artists Residency is to discover young artists, support and guide them by a mentor or mentors in the overall process of creating, presenting, documenting and showing their works, projects and ideas to an audience or collectors. A new and comfortable environment to be created for artists to work in. Collaboration and cooperation with experts in the field to be enabled.An atypical shared experiential environment between author-audience-gallery-curators to be created. A different institutional model to be examined and tested.
The project continues, builds on and develops long-standing activities and interests in the areas of support for young artists, residency programmes, audience development, introducing innovative models of Open Arts Foundation and Sarieva Gallery.