FLUCA with new location and organizers

In 2015, Veselina Sarieva from Open Arts Foundation , Thomas Stoelzl from the Austrian Embassy and Ursula Probst, curator from Vienna, at the invitation of Veselina Sarieva, realized their bold idea for an outdoor stage for contemporary art and culture with an active summer program in Plovdiv on 38 Otets Paisiy str. The stage was called FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion and was designed by Atelie DUO and tatort, inspired by an old cargo container. It was called Austrian Pavilion because of its strong financial support from the Austrian side.

FLUCA's cultural program between 2015 and 2021 was focused on contemporary art and was implemented by us, Open Arts Foundation, with the support of Austrian Embassy Sofia, Plovdiv 2019, Sofia Municipality, National Culture Fund, Plovdiv Municipality and other partners.

In 2018, we organized guest appearances in Sofia at several key locations - in front of SAMSI, at St. Nedelya square and the Crystal Garden.

Thank you to all the artists, curators, DJs, experts, assistants and friends who supported this process! Thank you to our audience as well!

You can see the full programme over these years here. Video documentation can be found on the Open Arts Foundation YouTube channel.

We would like to let you know that with our partners at the Austrian Embassy we tried to position FLUCA in Sofia in 2022, but unfortunately no sustainable partnerships were realized and it remained on depot by not realizing a cultural program for one year. From 2023 the stage is fully managed by the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria and the news is that it will continue its life in Burgas. Good luck and joy to FLUCA in its new seaside home !