In July FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion was a stage to screenings, parties and performmances with a special guest the Austrian curator Ursula Maria Probst, who presented two of her projects. August for the silver box will place emphasis on screenings and video artworks, amongst which Digital Fairy Tales, video exhibition and special selection of movies, created in the master class of Georgi Djulgerov.

The new month's program of FLUCA started on the 1st of August at 20:00 with the video selection Digital Fairy Tales, compiled by the international curator Leo Kuelbs. The ten presented videos,  are a result of three projects, inspired by the collection of German Fairy and Folk Tales, collected by Xaver von Schönwerth in the beginning of 19th century. For the purpose artists from arious cultures have been asced to interpret the fairytales trough the international digital perspective of 21st century. The video selection connects people trough time, paradigms and borders. On the next day - 2nd of August at 20:00 the Berlin photographer Sandra Radkovic will present her solo exhibition In and Out of the EU, which takes a look at two different European tendencies. While the United Kingdom wants to leave te EU (Brexit), Serbia is interested in joining it. Two photography projects are juxtaposed: The photo project “Merseyside and Brexit”, taken in the UK, deals with the question why people want to leave the EU. And how leaving the EU affects people, the urban scenery and culture. “Parallel Biographies Serbia-Germany” on the other hand deals with countries wishing to connect and interact with the EU. This photography project points at similar needs and life-realities of people with the same profession in Serbia and in Germany. On the 8th of August at 20:00 on occasion of the 75th anniversary of Georgi Djulgerov Austrian Cultural Pavilion will present some of the most inspiring works from the master class of the renowned Bulgarian director. Ivan by Nadezhda Hristova will talk about the loss and the desire to be someone else and And Then The Wind Blows, directed by Diana Mircheva will look at the loneliness trough the eyes of the people at a nursing home and their looking forward to someone visiting them, which turnes out as an occasion for celebration.

The tribute of Georgi Djulgerov will continue with second evening of screenings on the 15th of August at 20:00. What happens at the late hours in a mysterious hotel we can learn from XVII, directed by Radi Stoyanov. The same evening Excuse me, by Olya Zheleva will show us how funny and absurd can be the moments during creating a new TV material.

On the 29th of August at 20:00 FLUCA will present ADATA AiR, a project by Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. The residency program ADATA AiR starded with an open call at the end of 2017, oriented towards European artists, who were able to spend some time in Plovdiv and to get into dialogue and exchange with the local artistic community, architects, designers, etc. During their stay in 2018 the residents were able to work on new projects for Adata river island, some of which will be presented at the Austrian Cultural Pavilion.

The program for the month will finish on the 30th of August at 20:00 with the program Rebellious Shots - a video presentation by Anna Ceeh (Vienna - Sankt Peterburg) and Iv Toshain (Vienna - Sofia). The two artists work often together and explore the topics, connected to politicsc, societies and the contemporary shapes of feminism. In 2012 they choose the name FXXXi̶s̶m̶ for their collective. *After the opening on the 2th of August the exhibition of Sandra Radkovic can be seen until the 29th of August in the open hours of FLUCA (Tue.-Sat. 16:00-20:00).