FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion continues season 2019 after the opening on 21st of June of the exhibition FORNOTECA, by Anton Stoianov, curated by Boris Kostadinov. The exhibition can be seen until the 12th of July on FLUCA, every day from Tuesday to Saturday.

FLUCA in July

With the beginning of the month - on the 5th of July at 21:00 will be the opening party of the group exhibition BACKGROUND: Young Artists from Plovdiv (Mitch Brezounek, Valko Chobanov, Velizar Dimchev, Dimitar Genchev, Yavor Kostadinov, Lyubomir Krastev, Dimitar Shopov, Trifon Tashev, Martina Vacheva). Starting in the early years of developing of gallery SARIEV Contemporary and upgraded with a new format and vision in 2010, the platform BACKGROUND: Young Artists aims to select young artists, focus on their creativity and reveal new formats as well as aesthetic and conceptual perspectives of art today.

On the next day - 6th of July at 20:00 FLUCA will present Lena Ka, a well-known with her gigs around the Vienese clubs Austrian DJ. She enrolls a Master of Fine Arts in Vienna on the topic of the correlations between the visual arts and the electronic music. Lena skilfully combines her carrier of popular DJ with creating audio-visual instalations. The evening will continue with after party in Absinth House with Lena Ka and Stanislav Genadiev - HYPNOS.

On the 11th of July at 21:00 will be the screening of The Congo Tribunal - a film project by Milo Rau.Special guest of FLUCA will be Elisa Kalosi - an active participant in the program of Matera - European Capital of Culture 2019. She is a producer and manager of the company of Milo Rau and will tell more about their movie The Congo Tribunal , which received a huge interanаtional recognition. Main topic of the movie is the striking exploitation of human labour in the African country Kongo. The movie is on the boundary between documentary and fiction and is telling a story about the contradictions in the contemporary society. After the presentation and the screening the evening will continue with a party with Startrax, movieman and Victor.

July at FLUCA will continue with a presentation on the 12th of July at 20:00 of the first of two projects, which the guest curator Ursula Maria Probst will present. In 2013 she initiates the project Transcultural Emancipation, which aims to present non-Austrian artists, living in Vienna. For this aim a billboard infront of the Vienese club FLUC is being used, on which the artists create their works. On the 12th of July the audience of FLUCA will be able to enjoy a special selection of works, created in the framework of Transcultural Emancipation and Hello Common Ground! as two of the artists - Vilte Svarplyte and Jianan Qu will present together, as well as individually on the stage of FLUCA, performances, after which there will be screening of short movies, created as part of the project.

On the 18th of July at 19:30 FLUCA will once more be the stage of an event, part of the exhibition BACKGROUND: Young Artists from Plovdiv. There will be a screening of films about the artists as well as panel discussion with Vesselina Sarieva (founder and director, Sariev Contemporary) and the artists - Mitch Brezounek, Valko Chobanov, Velizar Dimchev, Dimitar Genchev, Yavor Kostadinov, Lyubomir Krastev, Dimitar Shopov, Trifon Tashev, Martina Vacheva.

FLUCA will officialy open its new exhibition on the 19th of July at 20:00 with the second project of the guest curator Ursula Maria Probst. At the stage of FLUCA she and the artist Jakob Neulinger will present What Would Winning Look Like? – No New „ New Deal“ with works by Sergey Kishchenko, Sonia Leimer, Suzy Léger, Jakob Neulinger, Female Obsession. Ursula Maria Probst and Jakob Neulinger will also show their DJ skills, playing music for the audience of FLUCA.

On the 24th of July at 21:00 Diagonale, the biggest festival for contemporary Austrian cinema, which takes place annually in Graz, will present at FLUCA a selection of 7 video works by Johann Lurf, who works actively in the sphere of experimental cinema.

On the 26th of July Golden Pixel Cooperative - a nomad, based in Vienna artistic organization, will show the video program Weisses Licht. This is their newest compilation of short movies, which Katharina Swoboda ad Lisa Truttmann from the collective will personally present to the audience of FLUCA. The work of Golden Pixel Cooperative aims to encourage the creation of film production by women artists, which is at the base of their inspiring and intriguing artwork.

*After the opening on the 19th of July the exhibition of Ursula Maria Probst can be seen until the 31st of August in the open hours of FLUCA (Tue.-Sat. 16:00-20:00).