PLOVEDIV – Project for Public Space

A project by Milen Gelishev and Simeon Todorov completed within the Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdid, 2011 in the program “City and public spaces”. The project was selected and realized under the “Open invitation for projects NIGHT” of Open Arts Foundation.

This art work presents how the contemporary person sees the city, his vision for communication and the creative ways to name and brand the place you live in. The piece is a light sign 4.5m by 8.5 cm situated in the central part of the city of Plovdiv on one of the hills at the foot of the Ancient Roman Theater so that it could be seen from Stanislav Dsoepvski Street.The location was chosen to be emblematic, meditative, but also non-intrusive, visible for the curious city observers. The project included also the production of small souvenir objects on free sell. To the many names it has Plovdiv now adds one more – PLOVEDIV. The project authors – Simeon Todorov and Milen Gelishev, are by profession English teacher and artist, this is their first joint project.