Let‘s Talk About the Market

Within the Let’s Talk about the Market project, the Berlin- based Mobile Academy produced a documentary introducing the first six experts from the Black Market project. On Friday, February 24, 2012, this film was premiered at the Panorama Cafe, in the very heart of Kapana. 

The film is worth watching as Mr Ganev from the Sofia-based think-tank Centre for Liberal Strategies reveals a dead certain investment opportunity. The actor Samuel Finzi, who was born in Plovdiv and is based in Germany, did the dubbing of the film.

Since August 2011, the Blackmarket team in Plovdiv has been searching for designated experts in the field of economics. However, these experts do not necessarily come from universities and institutions. Experts from everyday life like pawn shop and exchange bureau owners, as well as local merchants, are also in high demand. Kapana is a crucial place to talk about these issues – being a centre of commerce for over 500 years and maintaining some typical characteristics of an Oriental trading place within a modern social structure.


These are the seven key words for compiling an encyclopaedia of the old and the new market in Kapana, Plovdiv, which was planned to be completed with another hundred words, collected by different experts. These experts were supposed to share and present their knowledge to "the Black Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge" event during a long night in the streets, which in the end was unreleased.

"The Black Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge" is a widely renowned format by Mobile Academy – a Berlin based production office initiated by Hannah Hurtzig.The Blackmarket event gathered more experts to share their knowledge with the audience on different sites and differing topics.

Concept: Hannah Hurtzig Camera: Sebastian Bodirsky
In order of appearance: Georgi Ganev (economist and Programme Director for economic research at the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia), Hristo K. Raydovski (goldsmith), Angel Gitev (commercial agent), Katrin Sarieva (historian), and Konstantin Bobotsov as Bartleby
Production: Open Arts Foundation and Jacob Racek
This is a project implemented by Mobile Academy, Berlin and Open Arts Foundation, courtesy of Goethe Institute Bulgaria.

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