A month after the NIGHT we want to thank all who were with us and contributed to the thirteenth edition of the festival. We are happy to announce the dates for the next fourteenth consecutive edition. Wait for the longest NIGHT of Plovdiv to return in 2018 on September 14 and 15! Save dates from now for two evenings, in which art will once again fill the  museums, galleries, ateliers, urban spaces, halls, clubs and more in the late night hours.

The team at the festival is already planning, working and considering ideas for NIGHT/Plovdiv 2018. Stay tuned for details in the upcoming months and follow our channels. Until then we leave you with a memory of the past NIGHT 2017 with its rich program prepared by traditional Plovdiv participants and institutions, guest artists from the country and abroad and our festival partners.


NIGHT/PLOVDIV 2017  welcomed over 45-50 thousand people and managed to present to its visitors more than 140 free events in 73 locations through the city. The cultural program offered numerous artistic projects, specially created or adapted for the city by Bulgarian and international artists.

Highlight of the program was the Jubilee Exhibition HERE EVERYWHERE curated by Vladiya Mihaylova and located in the former Detmag Snezhanka shop. The space opened for the first time in the 15th years now for the festival, so that the organizers can present the exhibition with  documents, archives, installations, interviews and specially created works by Luchezar Boyadjiev, Voin de Voin, Svetlana Mircheva, Petko Tanchev, Dimitar Shopov created especially for the occasion, works by Pravdoliub Ivanov, Kiril Kuzmanov. More than 10 000 people passed through the exhibition during its view period from 15.09 to 30.09, and 3 curatorial tours were led by Vladiya Mihaylova during that time. The exhibition was realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the NFC. The organizers plan to present it in the future in other cities as well.


One of the great attractions for the Plovdiv citizens and the guests of the town during the festival's three-day program was the Pelican Fountain in front of the Municipality, which burst into Mike Bouche's diet coke on September 15 morning. The sculpture "Love Dive (Diet Pelican Froth)" was part of the private project "Private Idano" and expresses its interest in the mass industry's power of imaging, behavioral models and social control. Bouche's first solo exhibition in Bulgaria can be seen by the end of October at the SARIEV Contemporary Gallery.

The international participation in the festival this year was presented by artists from Finland, France, Spain, Austria, USA, Israel and South Korea. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the city through AR glasses in the AR2.0_Alphaloop project by French author Adelin Schweitzer. Through specially developed software and with the artistic inclusions by the team itself, during the three evenings of the festival, the participants in the special tours experienced some mystical walks in Plovdiv with an overlay of music and add-on paintings. The project was the first in the country part of the IN SITU network for art in public spaces and was supported by the French Institute of Bulgaria.

Again in urban environment, with the help of the Cervantes Institute, the small cement figures of Isaac Cordal, part of the large-scale Cement Eclipses project, were scattered in the city. The Military Club this year was one of the most visited locations with the project Creative Media Lab curated by Petko Tanchev, in which the American artist Mary Frank, with the help of the US Embassy in Bulgaria, made the world premiere of her large-scale audio visual performance SEED . She also held a special workshop for new media artists on the following day, sharing practical tips. The Finnish duo Selim, supported by the Embassy of Finland, took part in the program of the festival with the exhibition "Proxima Utopia" presenting Utopian maps, flags and artifacts in the space of Detmag Snezhanka.

On September 16th, thousands of people visited the Antique Theater for the Fortissimo concert conducted by Maxim Eskenazy and with the virtuoso musicians of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert "Music under the Stars", supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, presented works that track down the history and the rich heritage of Bulgarian music. The official party of NIGHT this year was again organized by Absolut and surprised the audience with the participation of the brothers Argirovi, who got on stage together with the Austrian DJ Stefan Obermaier. The unexpected performance was part of Absolut's "Create A Better Tomorrow Tonight" global platform, which will pass under the slogan #letshereeaachothermore and will aim to bring together artists of different styles of music on stage.

This year's traditional program also offered numerous exhibitions in Plovdiv's museums and galleries. One of the main focuses was the exhibition "Live Stories" at the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv, which presented the twenty renovated paintings part of the successful crowdfunding campaign "Let's Bring Paintings Back to the Museum". The campaign gathered 37 donors who had the opportunity to see exclusively first the works shortly before the official opening of the exhibition. For the fifth consecutive year, the participants of the festival had the opportunity to apply for co-financing of their artistic projects through the Special Projects Fund of NIGHT Plovdiv. The amount of the fund for 2017 was 18 000 BGN and the supported projects 39. SEE THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE FP 2017 HERE. For the first time within the festival doors opened the ateliers of the students at AMTII in the buildings of the Blue and Green School. The students demonstrated to the visitors graphic techniques, sculpture, painting, presented also a design show. Museum of Aviation - Plovdiv also opened its doors to visitors with a special theme - Space, some of the visitors had the opportunity to experience "space food" specially prepared for the event.

At the Regional Museum of History in Plovdiv, a new wing was opened where guests got acquainted with the history of banking in Bulgaria through the rich collection of articles and documents at the Jubilee Exhibition "Behind the Doors of the UBB Vault" presented by United Bulgarian Bank. Thanks to VISA's VR pavilion, visitors were able to make a virtual tour of some of the world's most famous museums.

Another attraction in the urban environment was the sculpture "Abandoned" by the Bulgarian stage designer Eva Ventova, as well as the performances of Circus de la Lyulin on Friday and Saturday. On the stairs of the Dzhumaya Mosque, in the three days of the festival a long queue of people waited to visit Felia Baruch's "Black Box". At the end of Otets Paisiy Street FLUCA:Austrian Cultural Pavilion provoked the audience with performance, installations, screenings curated by Ursula Maria Probst with the support of the Austrian Embassy and the Federal Chancellery of Austria. FLUCA presented also a special DJ set with the spirit of Tel Aviv and the DJs Barak Schneider and Eyal Robb who came in Plovdiv thanks to the Embassy of Israel. For the more patient and well-trained in art and philosophy visitors, the NIGHT  prepared several special events - a lecture by Prof. Ph.D. Vladimir Gradev on "Sacred Art and the Present-day", a performative reading by the Meteor group based on new book by Boyan Manchev "Clouds. Philosophy of the Free Body", and screenings of documentaries in OE Shalom. In alternative contemporary dance forms Atom Theater and their colleagues from South Korea conquered the space of Lotus Hall, while the team of Vox Populi recreated the life of 5 Plovdiv households with the tools of the verbatim theater.

The rich program of the festival for the third consecutive year was available through the special mobile application for iOS and Android developed for the NIGHT by MentorMate. The guests and the artists of the festival were kindly greeted and accommodated by Imperial Hotel&Spa and Holiday Inn. The implementation of the entire large-scale program would not have been possible without the help of the many interns and volunteers who joined the last but very important stage of preparation. More than 80 volunteers and 30 interns helped with various activities at the festival, being always at hand, energetic and full of enthusiasm. We thank all the participants, partners, supporters and colleagues for their trust in us as organizers and for their support releasing TOGETHER another amazing NIGHT/Plovdiv. See you all for NIGHT/Plovdiv 2018 (14 and 15 September)!

Photos: Lina Krivoshieva, Shtiliana Andonova, Lina Krivosieva, Silvia, Georgieva, Krassimir Krastev, Emanuel Antonov, Elena Kaleva, Veronika Yurchenko, Maria Dimitrova, Billy Kasabova, Sonia Gencheva, Rossi Shalamanova, Maria Zheleva, Vesselina Vassileva, archive participants