Educational Program

The educational program of the Open Arts Foundation, focusing on contemporary art, covers various formats and started in 2008 with the aim of increasing the audience interested in contemporary art in Bulgaria and creating a new one by giving more in-depth knowledge and interest to authors and specifics on the local stage, to present international good examples, trends and practices and to create an environment for developing the context of contemporary art and collecting in the country. 

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The following projects of the foundation are included in the program: artnewscafe bulletin (since 2008); the project “Creation of a Museum for Contemporary Art by Ivan Mudov” (2010), the educational platform “Introduction to Contemporary Art” (since 2011); Collectors’ Forum (since 2011); Focus: Bulgaria (2015); Walk & Talk with Luchezar Boyadjiev (2016); the newspaper column in Capital Light “Introduction to Contemporary Art” (2016); the book “Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary Art (1982-2015)” by Vessela Nozharova (2018); " Open Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art" (2018 - 2019); Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art (2020).


Introduction to Contemporary Art 2017 - 100 Years Art of Action

The autumn series of lectures of "Introduction to Contemporary Art", 2017 addressed a little discussed, but increasingly relevant topic - performance art. In four exciting lectures in November, united under the theme " 100 Years Art of Action. Live Art between the Staged and the Real”, we heard firsthand the stories of four experts with many years of experience and versatile contact with the art of performance. 

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2017 - Potemkin Villages

Potemkin Villages, Home and Abroad. Conversations with French Contemporary Artists from the Richard Foundation Award and Curators is realized in the context of the exhibition ‘Palais Potemkine’ in association with Pernod Richard Bulgariq, Foundation Richard, Institut Francaise and the National Gallery the Palace. The series of talks introduced to the audience with the state of French contemporary art in a conversation with some of the most intriguing French artists.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2016 - Life Beyond the End of Art

In 2016 the cycle of lectures at the SCAG asks many questions - where does art end, what follows after it, what is itsrelationship with theory and various academic disciplines, where is the place of art and how it "haunts" in an institutional context. In other words, "Introduction" this year deals with "Life after the end of art."

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2016 - Walk & Talk with Luchezar Boyadjiev

For its sixt edition the platform starts the new format Walk & Talk with the artist Luchezar Boyadjiev. It continues its edutional strategy for creating knowledge and awareness for contemporary art and the new format offers a new approach for active involvement of the audience and for connecting art and public space and putting them in a broader context.

Introduction to contemporary art with a column in Capital LIGHT

"Introduction to Contemporary Art" program of SARIEV Contemporary Gallery and Open Arts Foundation continues the line of their common educational program. In its pages, Capital LIGHT introduces the audience to the latest trends, the leading art cities and the most interesting events, the role of collecting and the most influential curators, artists and more.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2015 - Curators' Talks

The fifth edition of the educational platform ‘Introduction to Contemporary Art’ in Sofia took place between 13 November and 2 December 2015 at the Cultural Centre of Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ and the National Academy of Art. This year’s edition ‘Curators’ Talks’ is dedicated to the figure of curators – their role in contemporary art, the different dimensions of curatorship and the intersections with other fields such as art criticism, collecting and managing of institutions and independent spaces. For the first time ‘Introduction to Contemporary Art’ features international guest lecturers who will present their curatorial practice in the international context.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2015 - Educational Course Plovdiv

LECTURE SERIES PLOVDIV is a series of five lectures designed to familiarize the general public with the artists, exhibitions, museums and ideas that have driven contemporary art since the 1960s. No previous knowledge of the history of art is required, simply a curiosity about art and those who make it, and a desire to make museum going a more meaningful experience.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2014 - Medium or Concept

The 2014 course builds on the lectures of previous years through the eyes and experience of art theorists and critics. The goal is to make the contemporary visual arts accessible to a wider audience by focusing on key concepts and themes. Discussions and debates were also be incorporated into the program.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2013 - Artists Talk About Art

In 2013, the Introduction to Contemporary Art program took the form of a series of talks with distinguished Bulgarian artists moderated by the young curator Vera Mlechevska. Instead of following a strict chronology, the talks highlighted key artistic trends and processes and their interaction with the Bulgarian art scene, as seen through the lens of each artist’s specific interests and pursuits.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2012 - Artists Talk

ARTISTS TALK  is a series of meetings with leading Bulgarian artists from the world art scene. They will bring us closer to their work by sharing practical experience from their rise on the world art scene and will reveal their views on society and the world in the light of contemporary art. The artists invited are: Stefan Nikolaev, Ergin Cavusoglu, Nedko Solakov, Plamen Dejanoff. The talks will be moderated by Vessela Nozharova.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2012 - Sunday Lectures

The Sunday Lectures “An introduction to contemporary art” are a continuation of the educational course which started in 2011 structured as a group of thematic sessions with four lectures each. The course developed a few basic features of seeing and understanding contemporary art for amateurs, fans, collectors and non-professionals.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2011

A key project in the program of Open Arts Foundation is the educational platform "Introduction to Contemporary Art", launched in 2011, initiated by Open Arts Foundation, Sariev Gallery and developed jointly with curators and art critics. The events to the platform take place in different structural stages - specialized educational course, open lectures, conversations with artists and others. The creation of the platform "Introduction to Contemporary Art" is motivated by the need to generate the context of contemporary art in Bulgaria.