Educational Program

The educational program of the Open Arts Foundation, focusing on contemporary art, covers various formats and started in 2008 with the aim of increasing the audience interested in contemporary art in Bulgaria and creating a new one by giving more in-depth knowledge and interest to authors and specifics on the local stage, to present international good examples, trends and practices and to create an environment for developing the context of contemporary art and collecting in the country. 

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The following projects of the foundation are included in the program: artnewscafe bulletin (since 2008); the project “Creation of a Museum for Contemporary Art by Ivan Mudov” (2010), the educational platform “Introduction to Contemporary Art” (since 2011); Collectors’ Forum (since 2011); Focus: Bulgaria (2015); Walk & Talk with Luchezar Boyadjiev (2016); the newspaper column in Capital Light “Introduction to Contemporary Art” (2016); the book “Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary Art (1982-2015)” by Vessela Nozharova (2018); " Open Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art" (2018 - 2019); Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art (2020).


Sarieva - Residency 2022

Sarieva - Residency for Graphic Designers helped and supported the young author Elena Chergilanova in presenting first her book.

Sarieva - Residency 2022

Sarieva - Residency supported the young artist Tsvetomira Borisova in the realization of an exhibition in the gallery space of Sarieva/Gallery


FUTURE UNFORGETTABLE is a curated multi-genre situation in the sphere of visual arts.

Collectors' Forum 2021: Carlos Marsano, Autumn session

Through Future Unforgettable Phase VI, a lecture and conversation with Peruvian collector Carlos Marsano, will open up a different perspective on collecting as a bridging of logics and an extension of the work's journey.

Brittle Power

Open Arts Foundation is a partner in the Brittle Power project, which opens season 2021 of Kunsthal 44Møen, a space for international exhibitions in Denmark.

Working Visits for International Curators and Art Critics

Working visits for International Curators and Art Critics is a project by SARIEV Contemporary for curators and art critics to visit Sofia and Plovdiv. During their stay we organize them a program aimed at the popularization of Bulgarian contemporary art.


Dzhadzha is a collaboration between Open Arts Foundation, gallery Gallery, and Sariev gallery, in which we explore how contemporary electronic and digital art is created, sold, collected and preserved.

Collectors` Forum 2021

Collectors’ Forum 2021 is being implemented in Plovdiv and Sofia and is presenting its spring programme in March and April, and an autumn programme in September and October.

Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art

In September 2020 Sariev and Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv with Office for Art, Berlin, are launching an initiative to found a Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art.

Collectors` Forum 2019: Christian Kaspar Schwarm

Christian Kaspar Schwarm – founder of the global platform “Independent Collectors” and collector himself – talks about his personal motives for having let contemporary art enter his life two decades ago.

Portfolio Day 2019

In 2019 we organized the third edition of Portfolio Day, an initiative by SARIEV Contemporary to support young artists. 

Open Art Files: Notes and Footnotes

The exhibition gathers artworks by artists of different generations and ages, who for a short period and at different times were provoked by common intuition, by the " zeitgeist" or driven by the possibilities of new and familiar means of expression.The program of "Open Art Files: Notes and footnotes" will include series of lectures, screenings and meetings with artists and curators.

Portfolio day 2018

Portfolio Day's second installment was initiated in order to support and encourage young artists.

Collectors` Forum 2018: Luis Bassat

Within the Collectors’ Forum, Cervantes Institute, Open Arts Foundation and SARIEV Contemporary Gallery presented a lecture by the Spanish collector from Bulgarian origin Luis Bassat – “The Life of a Collector”.

Open Art Files

“Open Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art” is a project that seeks to popularize Bulgarian contemporary art in Bulgaria and abroad. The project consists of series of two-year activities in 2018 and in 2019 for the building of, a database of Bulgarian contemporary art, as well as curatorial visits, presentations and exhibitions introducing the project.

Collectors` Forum 2017: Art Collection Telekom

In 2017 Introduction to Contemporary Art had a lecture on art collecting, part of Collectors’ Forum, a project that strives to introduce to the audience the concept of art collecting and building a collection.

Introduction to Contemporary Art 2017 - 100 Years Art of Action

The autumn series of lectures of "Introduction to Contemporary Art", 2017 addressed a little discussed, but increasingly relevant topic - performance art. In four exciting lectures in November, united under the theme " 100 Years Art of Action. Live Art between the Staged and the Real”, we heard firsthand the stories of four experts with many years of experience and versatile contact with the art of performance. 

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