Educational Program

The educational program of the Open Arts Foundation, focusing on contemporary art, covers various formats and started in 2008 with the aim of increasing the audience interested in contemporary art in Bulgaria and creating a new one by giving more in-depth knowledge and interest to authors and specifics on the local stage, to present international good examples, trends and practices and to create an environment for developing the context of contemporary art and collecting in the country. 

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The following projects of the foundation are included in the program: artnewscafe bulletin (since 2008); the project “Creation of a Museum for Contemporary Art by Ivan Mudov” (2010), the educational platform “Introduction to Contemporary Art” (since 2011); Collectors’ Forum (since 2011); Focus: Bulgaria (2015); Walk & Talk with Luchezar Boyadjiev (2016); the newspaper column in Capital Light “Introduction to Contemporary Art” (2016); the book “Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary Art (1982-2015)” by Vessela Nozharova (2018); " Open Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art" (2018 - 2019); Circle of Friends for Bulgarian Art (2020).


Collectors' Forum 2022

In 2022, Collectors' Forum presents the Brussels-based collector Frederic de Goldschmidt, a specialist in business and communications anthropology and a producer of interactive media, television programs and films, who will share about his experiences with collecting.

Collectors' Forum 2021: Carlos Marsano, Autumn session

Through Future Unforgettable Phase VI, a lecture and conversation with Peruvian collector Carlos Marsano, will open up a different perspective on collecting as a bridging of logics and an extension of the work's journey.

Collectors` Forum 2021

Collectors’ Forum 2021 is being implemented in Plovdiv and Sofia and is presenting its spring programme in March and April, and an autumn programme in September and October.

Collectors` Forum 2019: Christian Kaspar Schwarm

Christian Kaspar Schwarm – founder of the global platform “Independent Collectors” and collector himself – talks about his personal motives for having let contemporary art enter his life two decades ago.

Collectors` Forum 2018: Luis Bassat

Within the Collectors’ Forum, Cervantes Institute, Open Arts Foundation and SARIEV Contemporary Gallery presented a lecture by the Spanish collector from Bulgarian origin Luis Bassat – “The Life of a Collector”.

Collectors` Forum 2017: Art Collection Telekom

In 2017 Introduction to Contemporary Art had a lecture on art collecting, part of Collectors’ Forum, a project that strives to introduce to the audience the concept of art collecting and building a collection.

Collectors` Forum 2014: Georgi Voinov

“Collectors` Forum” is a project that gives visibility of successful private and corporate collectors practices, guides and encourages young collectors in composing and conducting collection and creates communication environment. “Collectors` Forum” focuses on the development of Bulgarian art system, giving equal Bulgarian and international actors.

Collectors’ Forum 2011: Hans Knoll, Gabor Hunya, Valerie Verchack, Valeri Stefanov, The Vanhaerents Art Collection

The Collectors’ Forum is a platform which brings to the light recognized private and corporate collector’s practices, guides and fosters young collectors in compiling and managing a collection and creating a communicational environment. The first edition of the COLLECTORS’ FORUM is structured as a moderated presentation of the practices and approaches employed by several esteemed art collectors. The audience of the event will be drawn by special invitation from a pool of collectors, gallery managers and curators.