Collectors` Forum 2021

Collectors’ Forum 2021 is being implemented in Plovdiv and Sofia and is presenting its spring programme in March and April, and an autumn programme in September and October.

Open Arts Foundation is pleased to present:

Collectors’ Forum 2021

Spring session: March 27 / April 10 / April 24, 2021

Organized by: Open Arts Foundation, within its programme Introduction to Contemporary Art

Concept and host: Vesselina Sarieva

Collectors’ Forum of Open Arts Foundation was initiated in 2011 as an educational and exchange platform, which introduces, raises questions, brings into focus recognized international and Bulgarian private and corporate collectors’ practices, guides and encourages young collectors in establishing and keeping a collection and creates a communication environment between the individual units within the art system. Collectors’ Forum spans across multiple genres and its regular annual programme includes diverse formats: presentations, lectures, publications, campaigns, international visits, public and private meetings between collectors and artists, gallerists and curators.

In 2021, in the post-pandemic situation of an art system in crisis, Collectors’ Forum is taking action to expand its traditional format on a thematic, structural and temporal level, followed by the intention to provide participants on the Bulgarian art scene support for adaptation. As it upholds the core idea that the knowing and acceptance of others in a micro-community, the unification and sharing of problems and solutions is a way out of the present and into the future, Collectors’ Forum intends to create a common environment of sharing and visibility that will offer a wider view, possible coping guidelines and premises for future cooperation. In addition to this new line directed towards the micro-community, Collectors’ Forum continues to implement its traditional programme by conducting international exchange and introducing international collecting practices.

Collectors’ Forum is an idea and initiative of Vesselina Sarieva. The programme is organized by the Open Arts Foundation within its programme Introduction to Contemporary Art.

The spring programme of Collectors’ Forum features three events.

It will open on March 27, 2021, Saturday, when Collectors’ Forum for the first time will gather in one place and in a common discussion the representatives of the most active Bulgarian contemporary art galleries and the youngest art spaces. The panel discussion with Bulgarian gallerists will make us aware of the situation before and during the pandemic, present us with examples of good practices, forecasts of the future and development strategies. The talk will be held in Bulgarian.

On April 10, 2021, Saturday, Collectors’ Forum will hold a panel discussion with Bulgarian contemporary art collectors, some of whom will be introduced publicly for the first time. The conversation will start with an overview of their collections, and will go through a presentation of their very different approaches to collecting art, revealing situations they encounter, talking about how the pandemic affects their routine and plans, discussing their recommendations to gallerists, artists and art specialists. The discussion will be held in Bulgarian.

On April 24, 2021, Saturday, Collectors’ Forum will present a lecture and hold a workshop with an international collector whose purpose will be to encourage and provide information to young collectors about their strategies of building and maintaining a collection. The workshop will include hands-on activities. It will be partly open for young artists, with a common exchange environment being created between young authors and collectors.

The number of participants is limited and applications will be received through an open call for participation. The workshop will take place in English. The documentation from the workshop sessions will be made available afterwards online.

Due to the anti-pandemic measures, the spring programme of Collectors’ Forum will be implemented online.

Collectors’ Forum 2021 is being implemented in Plovdiv and Sofia and is presenting its spring programme in March and April, and an autumn programme in September and October.



Image from the Living with art workshop

Partner: National Culture Fund

In 2021 the project is supported by the National Culture Fund – Annual Program for Support of Professional Organisations in the Field of Arts.