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FLUCA with a new seaside home

From 2023 the FLUCA is fully managed by the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria and it will continue its life in Burgas.

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Open Art Files joins ISSN

Open Art Files is now a part of the international standard numbering system, better known as ISSN.

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Public Space Revisited

The "Christo for Beginners" project began in August 2022 with the solo exhibition of the same name by Luchezar Boyadjiev at Sarieva Gallery, Plovdiv. Four side events and three months later, it's time for a recap. Luchezar Boyadjiev, Silvia Petrova and Vesselina Sarieva invite the audience to a conversation that will examine the results and recapitulate the past exhibitions, tour and public project which enriched the art scene from August to November of 2022.

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Artnewscafe Bulletin joins Open Art Files

We are happy to announce that from this autumn, artnewscafe newsletter starts a new partnership and a new stage in its development as part of the Open Art Files platform.

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The Presence of Absence 

Sarieva Open Arts presents Luchezar Boyadjiev's artistic project in public space The Presence of Absence

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Jeanne-Claude for Beginners

Power girls in public space are those “girls” who are doing publicly visible deeds, who are occupying publicly influential positions and indeed, who ARE a factor in the social domain without confirming to any pre-given roles, nor paying any attention to whatever, without waiting or expecting neither permission nor approval, without looking for a public image and yet gaining an image through their work and life/love.

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Christo For Beginners - Stage I

The first stage of the project “Christo for Beginners” by Luchezar Boyadjiev within Sarieva Open Arts program will manifest an “exploratory mandate” for the creation of a massive, equestrian monument to Christo in Plovdiv.

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Welcome, Sarieva/Hub

We're pleased to present the new hybrid environment Sarieva/Hub, combining the activities of Sarieva Gallery, artnewscafe, Open Arts Foundation and Кабинѐт Art Advisory. 

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